PLANKT-ON Project First Newsletter – May 2024

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PLANKT-ON was officially launched on April 2023! We are now celebrating the first year of an exciting research, funded by the European Union’s H2020 Pathfinder programme. The project aims to build a disruptive scenario for solar energy storage and solar fuels production. The Climate-Clock is running fast towards the irreversible threshold of 1.5° temperature increase.

PLANKT-ON mission is to add time to the Clock, thanks to a multi-faceted approach. This method would be faster than any biological cycle and complementary to other renewable energy technologies, including photovoltaics, solar thermal, and photo-electrochemical cells as artificial leaf devices. This Newsletter will uncover the PLANKT-ON ultimate goals and progress milestones, while showcasing the ideas, dreams and passion of the PLANKT-ON community of scientists. Be part of our mission and subscribe to the PLANKT-ON Newsletter to know the eureka of our work and all the backstage effort.

You are invited to share this special journey with professors, researchers, PhD students, who will team up to open new paths in the current frontier of energy research.

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