While mature solar technologies (i.e. photovoltaics, photo-electrochemical cells) cannot simultaneously address the multi-faceted future energy challenge, PLANKT-ON aims to develop a disruptive net-zero emissions technology to both address the global energy demand and reoxygenation of our planet. Inspired by Nature, we propose to assemble the first synthetic plankton-like protocells that autonomously utilise light, water, and CO2 to produce O2 and formate, as a green H2 vector.

To this aim, the plankton-like protocells will be shaped as containers of two synergic subdomains mimicking the natural plastids and the CO2-enzyme organelles.

The artificial plastid (1st type proto-organelle) will utilise light to oxidise H2O to O2 and reduce a methyl viologen (MV) cofactor, this latter will feed the CO2-rich proto-organelle to selectively produce formate by a cascade enzymatic reaction.

We are expecting that this original bioinspired strategy will open a route to sustainable solar hydrogen.

The long term impact is envisaged for scientific innovation in groundbreaking solar-technology, going beyond the conventional photoelectrochemical cabled asset, and readily exploitable for empowering the EU vision for “Smart Buildings as Micro-Energy Hubs” in the world.

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PLANKT-ON has received funding from the EU under grant agreement No 101099192

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